• April 20, 2016

The Top 3 Dog Training Boosts Unlocked By Effective Record-Keeping

The Top 3 Dog Training Boosts Unlocked By Effective Record-Keeping

Record-Keeping, the scaffold that keeps training fun!


  1. Acknowledge the GOOD

Record-keeping, when done right, means you can acknowledge the what is working in your training. Remember this:

If a behaviour is not reinforced, it won’t be perpetuated and promoted long-term. That’s true for humans too! If we weren’t rewarded by good results (whatever they may be for you) in our training and competing, you would just stand still!


Now imagine the opposite – lots of reinforcement for things that are going well! This is really exciting as this re-injects in the fun into your training and means you train more and more… it’s addictive! If your agility training and competing is not addictive, you are doing it wrong!

  1. Acknowledge the BAD

Every skill cannot be above average! This is really important – when you identify a weak point in your skills relative to how all your other skills are faring, it’s inevitable. By definition, not everything can be above average, not every skill can be the best skill! The important thing is to identify what needs working on and then give it the perspective it needs to apportion the right amount of training time to it!

How do you do that?


     Amazing, Good for now, Needs improvement

How you divide up your…

  1. Training Time
  2. Energy
  3. Dog’s Energy
  4. Training Budget
  5. Even your Dog’s Dinner

…needs to be based on your PRIORITIES! How do you prioritise? Well, this handy tool should help! By dividing up your skills as either amazing, acceptable for now but will need improving for the next grade/level, and needs improvement at my current grade/level, prioritising becomes a cinch!  Simply by dividing up the above resources between these three groups – 15% of recourse spent maintaining skills, 30% spent working on future need skills and the remaining 55% spent working on skills that you need right now – means you have great balance between reinforcement and motivation to continue and perfectly apportion all the resources needed in your training to the areas you need!

Here is a handy table to print, fill out and get training with!

Record-keeping is the scaffold that keeps training FUN!

Here’s the thing… These three amazing and crucial-for-fun training boosts happen with effective record-keeping. BUT 99% of people record-keep in completely the wrong way, and,for every amazing benefit and boost we discussed above, when record-keeping is done badly, there is an equal and opposite detriment and punishment to your training and competing.

In the next blog post, we are going to share with you how a simple change in your approach to looking at training session and performance results, can take all these benefits and more and supercharge them…

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