• April 27, 2016

Performance Tracking – Next Level

Performance Tracking – Next Level

So you are keen on performance tracking. You are ready to take your training and competitive game to the next level. You are excited about getting addicted to and harnessing laser focus in your training. Where do you start?

An object at rest remains at rest unless acted upon by a force. This is just as true for your motivation in training and competing as it is in physics – whether that is training at all or unlocking that next level in you and your dog.

Training can often become stagnant – same sessions, routines, strengths, and weaknesses – and, without the right tools, we won’t even acknowledge the strengths anyway. Our training won’t move unless we apply some force to make a change.

There are two main types of “force” that can change where you are, change your training habits:

  • Intrinsic force – Force that comes from enjoyment of an activity and exists within the individual rather than relying on external pressures. We all love training agility BUT this can only continue if you are able to acknowledge what’s going right, have clear direction and know how far you have come.
  • Extrinsic force – Force that comes from seeking an external reward or avoiding punishment. This one is only going to happen if you have a record-keeping system that acknowledges progress and performance rather than straight results – like an objective coach.

Here’s the thing, performance tracking does all of the above and sends you into a spiral of positivity and improvement – BUT – we hear you saying any and all of the following:

“I tried recording. I recorded them on a piece of paper and nothing happened”

“I never stick at record-keeping – it just isn’t rewarding for me”

“Oh I record keep – I have piles and piles of paper, videos on my camera, photos.. well.. everywhere and some notebooks somewhere.”

Problem solved – introducing Dogtrackr

We know it’s difficult, we know it has not been rewarding, and we know that, if not done the right way, it can actually be detrimental to improvement! Performance tracking is going to be life changing to your training – but how can you harness it?

Performance Tracking

Well, we hired a crack team of developers to turn a flawless performance tracking concept into something easy to use, dynamic and unique to you AND the Dogtrackr system is available for YOU and it’s available TODAY!

Dogtrackr Screens

Here’s 10 ways the power of DogTrackr will change everything for your agility training and competing:


Gain a crystal clear picture of your dogs true performance in the agility ring by Performance Tracking. Combine your performance over a number of runs to start building up a performance profile for your dog.


Keep track of important run details such as Clear Rounds, Runs with Faults & Eliminations. Record specific faults and measure there improvement over time. This is key for setting measurable goals for you and your dogs.


Drill down into the specific skill areas your dog has already mastered and the areas that may need your attention to improve so that you can make smart decisions when it comes to your limited training time and money.

Performance Tab


Got multiple dogs you compete in agility with? No problem. Use Dogtrackr with all of your dogs and easily compare their individual performances all in one place.


Earn Dogtrackr Performance Points to win trophies and move up through Dogtrackr levels. Gain points for performance and consistency in the ring not just the outcome of the run.


Let’s keep it that way. Don’t keep your success and progress to yourself – show off your latest Dogtrackr trophy on Facebook and Twitter and let your friends know how proud your are of your  dog.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 18.09.06


Upload videos of your runs, images of course maps and pictures to keep safe and review whenever you want. Very handy for analysing your runs and recognising your progression.


Got something specific you want to make a note of? No problem, you can record anything from what the weather was like, how your dog was going into the run or even how you where feeling leading up to the run.


Move into the next generation! No more scraps of paper or notepads that get lost or wet if it rains, all your records stored in the cloud so you never risk losing them.

10. oh and… you can try it today for free with our 45 day FREE trial – Just Click Here

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