• March 9, 2016

Welcome to the world – Dogtrackr

Welcome to the world – Dogtrackr

Hello fellow agility competitors & enthusiasts, welcome to Dogtrackr.

Dogtrackr is a completely new way to record all the great things you and your dogs do in the agility ring.

The next generation approach that Dogtrackr takes is unique, we are going to be taking the traditional way of record keeping where competitors like yourself record a snapshot of one singular event (a run) and combine them all together to create your own personal Performance Tracking profile – we think this is pretty cool and so will you.

After competing in agility for over a decade and attending countless number of shows the one thing or thought pattern has always stood out to me is that if something goes wrong in a run, maybe a bar comes down or your dog misses a contact or weave entry people will go home and spend the rest of the week training that one thing.

Now, that sound logical doesn’t it? Well yes, but…

…when I looked further into it I noticed something and it became oh so clear when I looked at my own dogs.

I, like so many other handlers would spend time training the thing that went wrong in my last run regardless of how well on average my dog is at that skill.

For example weaves could be your dogs strongest skill, can enter from anywhere and you can do anything whilst they are in them but one weekend they have a blip and miss an entry. Next thing you know it’s Monday and you have the weaves out in the garden training entries.

This happens because of the way we traditionally record keep, we only think about that one thing, the last thing.

This is where Performance Tracking is different, when you performance track you get to know your dogs averages and trends. This will allow you to see that one blip in a skill is not a big deal, and if we can see over a period of time which skill areas us and our dogs consistently excel in and which ones consistently let us down we can accurately direct our training time to address these skills rather than wasting it on a blip.


The Dogtrackr software will make all of this really easy and clear so the you can accurately plan your training to help improve the skills that may be holding you back.

Dogtrackr is still cooking but it will be ready real soon and we can’t wait to show it to you.

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